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Corporate policy

The corporate policy is the cornerstone of our value system. It serves as a guideline for quality and environmentally conscious action in the daily working life of all employees.

Our value principles accompany the daily work at all levels of the company. The management and all employees of WILLBRANDT KG are aware of their responsibility and act as role models in their areas of responsibility and beyond.

As a Hanseatic, tradition-conscious company, we define ourselves by:

  • A high degree of reliability and commitment
  • A cooperative partnership with customers and suppliers
  • A high level of quality and service awareness in all areas of the company
  • The very high professional competence of all employees.

Not only the responsibility towards our business partners, but also the responsibility towards our environment plays an important role in the daily business. We attach great importance to the careful use of existing and used resources. We strive for constant improvement of our environmental performance by taking responsibility for our products and by making the boundary conditions of our everyday work sustainable.

We achieve this through:

  • Waste avoidance
  • A strict separation of unavoidable waste for reuse or recycling.
  • An environmentally conscious waste disposal
  • Strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • A continuous monitoring of the energy performance.

Carefully defined, comprehensible and sustainable processes as well as a high degree of flexibility in the entire organisation enable us to react immediately to changing requirements.

In order to maintain responsibility for quality and a positive environmental performance throughout the entire supply chain, we also expect a high degree of responsibility from our suppliers and are happy to support them with our expertise.

Quality and a living environmental awareness requires the cooperation of every single employee. Both the management and each individual colleague is a role model for his or her area of responsibility.

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