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Corporate policy

The corporate policy of WILLBRANDT consists of quality policy and environmental policy.

As part of this policy, it is the duty of all company levels to fulfil set demands, as well as constant improval. Furthermore it provides the framework for defining and screening our quality objectives and environment objectives.

As guideline it serves every employee in carrying out their tasks. The general management is responsible for making the quality policy known and for understanding and implementing it within the entire company.

The corporate policy entails:

  • high quality and service consciousness throughout every field of activity in the company
  • consideration of expectations of customers, norms, laws etc.
  • reliability and continuity regarding the cooperation with customers and suppliers
  • carefully defined, understandable and sustainable processes
  • quality assurance by the "four-eye-principle" along with technical and electronic measurement techniques
  • regular questioning and continual improvement of existing procedures
  • high degree of flexibility within the organisation
  • staff with high professional competence
  • careful handling of existing and used resources
  • attentive and environmental awareness of waste disposal
  • effective and active regular monitoring mechanisms
  • improvment in environmental perfomance of the company

Quality and a lived environmental awareness builds on the participation of every single employee. The general management, as well as each and every colleague provide a role model for their respective area of responsibility.

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