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WILLBRANDT Drive wheels with coating (German) - A50306

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We can provide additional coatings for a large number of our products. Depending on particular customer requirements, the coefficient of friction can be reduced for example, which prolongs the life of the product or improves the appearance.

New thermal coatings in particular, which ensure a permanent bond with the workpiece, enable us to respond to customer requirements with regard to surface coatings. Even flexible products (e.g. polyurethane timing belts) can be provided with long-term protection against aggressive media with a Teflon coating.

The hard coating of pulleys is one of the best ways to extend the life of the product even under adverse external conditions. Remote controls (clevises, angle joints and threaded rods), which mainly come into contact with aggressive liquids, can be effectively protected with a WILLBRANDT 3409/Elast coating.

Considerably improved protection against corrosion from chlorine or saline solutions is provided by Durbal rod ends with a zinc-aluminium coating, which is more resistant to corrosion than a hot-dip galvanised coating.

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