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Accessories for angle joints

WILLBRANDT Joints (German) - A50202

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Circlips according to DIN 71805 are used to fasten ball cups to prevent them from being removed. These circlips are already mounted in the CS version.

Sealing caps

Neoprene sealing caps for angle joints according to DIN 71802 in sizes 8 to 19 enable additional sealing of angle joints. Sealing caps reliably protect angle joints against fouling, splashing water, dust and dirt; an escape of grease is prevented.

Ball sockets

Ball sockets according to DIN 71805 are provided with a thread as standard and are available in steel or high-grade steel.

Ball studs

Ball studs according to DIN 71803 are available with rivet studs or threaded ends in steel or high-grade steel.

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