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PUR Foam

WILLBRANDT PUR Foams (German/English) - P40104

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With polyurethane foams (PUR) of Getzner SYLOMER®, SYLODYN® and SYLODAMP®, WILLBRANDT has at its disposal an optimal material for diverse requirements. The advantages - in addition to extremely high elasticity - are virtually unlimited mechanical processing options and forms.

Advantages of polyurethane elastomers as foam

  • Permanently elastic and maintenance-free
  • High resistance to environmental influences and chemicals
  • Low settlement characteristics
  • Mechanical processing in all geometrical forms (also as shaped parts)
  • Stable material properties over the entire lifespan
  • Easy assembly (bonding techniques)
  • Temperature range of -20 °C to +50 °C (other temperature ranges on request)
  • High formability for seals
  • Self-extinguishing according to DIN 4102 fire classification B2, EN ISO 11925-2 (B, C, D) and  EN 13501-1 (E) possible
  • Special colours available

Applications of PUR foams

  • Closed and easily mouldable cell seals (lamps, dampers, housings, engine components, etc.)
  • High formability (pumps, fans, cameras, impact sound insulation, lightweight electronic devices, seats, etc.)
  • Shock support in high damping version SP/HD (hard disks)
  • Floor storage in transport vehicles
  • Securing projectiles during transport
  • Flexible support of batteries and tanks in land vehicles
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