Contact person:

Jörg Meyer

(Head of department)
Tel +49 40 540093-22
Fax +49 40 540093-47


  • Trapezoidal fenders with fender system and UHMW-PE protecting strips for bascule bridge
  • Floating foam fenders for diverse wharfs in Northern and Central Europe
  • Floating foam fenders in various designs for navies worldwide
  • Round rubber fenders for various container terminals
  • Wheel fenders for Scandinavian wharfs
  • Roller fenders with complex fender system for German wharf
  • Floating foam fender systems at various wharfs and ports
  • Donut fender system for German wharf
  • Special fenders as a submarine solution
  • PUR foam fenders for various mega yachts
  • PUR foam fender systems for DGzRS ships
  • PUR foam fender for relief pilot vessels and pilot catamaran
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