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Jörg Meyer

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Sabine Hoffmann-Rothe

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Fax +49 40 540093-47

PE-protecting strips and plates

WILLBRANDT Fenders for Ship and Harbour (German/English) - H70101

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PE protecting strips and plates are frequently used in fender systems:

  • Protecting strips on quay walls, locks and vessels
  • Protecting plates on steel fender plates
  • As part of fender systems between floating fenders and quay walls

Product features:

  • Non-rotting, high abrasion and wear resistant
  • UV, weather and seawater resistant
  • High tenacity and tensile strength
  • Easy to process without special tools for easy installation

WILLBRANDT offers various qualities:

  • HD-PE as a standard version for protecting strips
  • UHMW-PE high abrasion resistant version for steel fender plates and as protecting strips
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