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Thorsten Faust

(Head of department)
Tel +49 40 540093-17
Fax +49 40 540093-83

Miriam Prestin-Schulz

Tel +49 40 540093-15
Fax +49 40 540093-83

Kristina Feist

Tel +49 40 540093-536
Fax +49 40 540093-83

V-belt pulleys

V-belt pulleys with hub and taper lock, profile types SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC.

Our V-belt pulleys are an essential component of drives for reliable and powerful torque transmission. In combination with our V-belts, cost-effective drives can be realised with a long life expectancy.

The V-belt pulleys consist mainly of grey cast iron and the grooves correspond to DIN 2211/Part 1 and DIN 2217/Part 1.

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