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(Head of department)
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Barry Controls mounts

Barry Controls mounts round off the WILLBRANDT range of vibration control products.

The Barry Controls range includes the following product groups:

  • Rubber-metal mounts, e.g. conical mount
  • Quick fastening mounts FLEX-LOC
  • Air mounts, e.g. SLM mounts
  • Machine feet
  • Cup-style mounts, e.g. cup mounts
  • Shock mounts, e.g. ME mounts, 2K mounts
  • Compression/shear mounts, e.g. A-series
  • Rubber mounts, e.g. ball mounts

Barry Controls mounts are project-related articles, which are not always stocked. Delivery can be provided from stock at short notice on request within a reasonable delivery time on concluding a basic agreement.

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