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Vibration Absorbing Pads


WILLBRANDT Vibration Absorbing Pads (English) - S10108

Vibrations that can be disturbing or liable to damage exercise machines are a thing of the past. On cruise ships, mega-yachts, in health clubs or gyms in high-rise buildings - the applications of Vibration Absorbing Pads are numerous.

On floors, in the vicinity of offices or other noise-sensitive areas in particular, the use of gym or other equipment can frequently give rise to disturbing noise and/or vibrations. The reduction of air-borne noise in adjacent rooms of up to 10 dB is possible, so that cost-intensive structural measures can often be avoided.

WILLBRANDT designs the material suited to each application with the required geometry on a threedimensional basis to produce the perfect absorbing pad.

  • Reduction of impact sound within a room
  • Less transmission of vibrations on upper or lower floors
  • Protection of exercise machines
  • Low retrofitting costs
  • Reduction of loads for joints and tendons.
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