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Stefan Roggenkamp

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Stefan Wolf

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Noise protection systems

We analyse, advise, design, build and install acoustic solutions on site for the optimal design of environmentally friendly workplaces in offices and industrial buildings. Based on many years of experience in the range of noise protection and the high demands we place on the quality of our personnel and material, we have the necessary know-how
to solve competently your noise problems.

We significantly reduce the reverberation time and thereby achieve optimal working conditions through WILLBANDT acoustic pictures, ceiling canopies, room screens or industrial use cabins and enclosures, barriers or wall absorbers.

WILLBRANDT has created a stylish new product line for high requirements of the office sector with the brand willsonic. Our products can be used in a wide variety of applications, e.g. in individual or multi-person offices, conference rooms and reception areas, medical practices, private rooms and all workspaces with high requirements regarding acoustics.

Office solutions

- Room acoustics solutions
- Acoustic ceiling panels
- Acoustic images
- Textil Absorbers
- Table Absorbers
- Acoustic Partitions
- Moveable screens
- Absorbers, round and cylindrical

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Industrial solutions

- Sound protecting cabins and capsules
- Moveable screens
- Acoustic foams
- Noise insulating panels
- Noise absorbers
- Reflection-free measuring rooms
- Anti-drumming sheets
- Noise barriers
- Elastic decoupling

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