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PUR-fender systems

WILLBRANDT Fenders for Ship and Harbour (German/English) - H70101

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These fender systems consist of a closed cell PE foam core and an abrasion-resistant and non-discolouring outer skin. Complete fender systems can be designed to suit specific applications. Any damage to the outer skin does not lead to loss of the fender as the energy is absorbed by the closed cell PE foam.

These fenders can be manufactured using two processes:

Mould process
PUR is cast in a mould to produce a smooth outer skin and for accurate production.

Spray process
PUR is sprayed manually on to the foam core. There are no mould costs for individual production lots, which is interesting for small batch production.

Production and installation take place in segments, allowing easy replacement in case of damage. PUR fender systems can be produced in various colours and are frequently used as circumferential fendering for operational vessels.

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