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Floating foam fenders

WILLBRANDT Fenders for Ship and Harbour (German/English) - H70101

Floating foam fenders are tried and tested fender elements which are used predominantly in applications subject to strong tidal variations due to their buoyancy. Their high energy absorption at a low specific weight is a considerable advantage in particular for ship-to-ship operations and other offshore applications. Due to the non-discolouring PUR outer skin, floating foam fenders are frequently used in cruise ship terminals.

Advantages of floating foam fenders at a glance:

  • Unlimited sizes due to variable production
  • High energy absorption, variable through foam modification
  • Attachment to chains, bars or rope systems
  • Unsinkable due to the use of closed cell foam types
  • Non-discolouring PUR outer skin
  • Individual colours available, also navy-grey
  • Chain/tyre net for heavy duty applications

WILLBRANDT floating foam fenders are certified by German Lloyd.

A Donut fender is a special type of floating foam fender which is mounted vertically "like a donut" on mooring posts and also moves with the tidal lift. This type of fender is also available in different types and sizes.

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