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V-ribbed belts

CONTITECH CONTI-V MULTIRIB V-ribbed belts (German/English) - A50105

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V-ribbed belts were developed as an addition to V-belts. They combine the high flexibility of flat belts with the effective power transmission of V-belts.

Because of their excellent bending characteristics they are particularly suitable for serpentine drives. Extreme transmission ratios of up to 1:40 are possible. In addition to polyester as a standard reinforcement, an aramide reinforcement can be used for the profiles PL and PM. Power transmission with an efficiency of up to 98% is possible.

For maintenance-free drives, we recommend V-ribbed belts with special reinforcements that make retensioning unnecessary and extend the life of the belt.

  • Compressor drives
  • Washing machines
  • Multiple shaft drives
  • Pump drives
  • General machine construction
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